Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome drinks at the office

Well, it's just the beginning, but it might be a good time to start writing and posting. Other than giving you an idea of what my life here is, it's gonna give me the chance to keep memories and details stored for later.

Considering the fact that I'm quite bad with names, I might as well use the chance to practice a bit more. I try repeating the name when I meet someone, but when I met around twenty out of forty people from the office, I could barely remember five. I guess it takes a bit of time, so I hope no one's offended.

Being that H was at work, G joined me on the way to the office. It was a bit weird walking up to the building I've been checking out on Google Maps' Street View, but once I got in there everyone was really (and I do mean really) nice. Everyone asked me how my flight was, how I felt, whether I was jet lagged and whether I liked it here, whether I find the weather OK and so on.

Once I covered the monologue with someone, there would be someone else joining the conversation, so I was repeating the story about seven or eight times. They all found it funny and in the end we were sitting around the table in the conference room, drinking beer and laughing our asses off. A nice bunch of people indeed, who are all looking forward to seeing me on Monday for my first day on the job. I already have my desk and my laptop set out for me and I'm getting a phone next week, so I'll hopefully be a bit easier to reach.

Sorry, no photos. I was too embarrassed to take any.

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