Friday, July 26, 2013

Twelve the number of days before I go back to Europe.

The summer vacation is booked, the little house at the end of the village on a remote island is reserved, the ferry rides are timed, and the excitement is growing.

I'm down to the last couple of atoms of strength, patience, communication, sleep, energy, will and what not. I really need this break.

I just hope it zens me out instead of push me over the edge.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Third summer out of four

Yupp, waiting eagerly for my summer vacation. Exciting.

It's almost been a full year that I've lived in Australia and, even though it's been exciting, it was also quite long. A lot of new things to get used to, people to get along with, tasks to commit to, responsibilities to take etc.

I'm slowly wrapping up the stuff I need sorted out; writing the final reports, preparing for the two last trips before I take off, organising stuff for when I'm away - and at the same time planning and scheduling my vacation, detailing and sorting out ferry rides, bookings and similar.

The good thing is I have a bunch of people helping me out and waiting eagerly for the summer.

Let the games begin, I say... In twenty-four days.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let the planning begin!

My annual leave is getting closer, and it's almost a month away from now. Thirty-two days, to be exact.

I've already started planning what to do over the Croatian summer. Well, my friends have, since it's a bit harder for me to plan from so far away. Luckily, I have people around me who are equally eager, so I'm sure it'll be fun.

I still have tons to do. There are lots of small projects I need to wrap up before I go, but I also need to pre-plan some for September, when I start work again.

I'll also have to have my living room ceiling changed while I'm away, which means moving everything from the room while packing, preparing, sorting stuff out etc. It will be an interesting couple of weeks, especially since I only have a certain amount of time in between finishing work and leaving to the airport. It's plenty, of course, but the weeks before that day will be busy busy busy.

This makes it a bit easier.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday Tick-Off List

Inspired by Bitchy Dust's regular update on life and all the stuff that goes with it...

I'm grateful for:
  • being here right now (God knows it took me ages, but it has obviously paid off)
  • friends who start squeaking on the phone when I give them a surprise buzz
  • friends who find the time in their super busy lives to email something like supr busy, ll email later, hug
  • a beer on the terrace and the double episode of Friends when I get home from work
Hmmm, an omen?
  • co-workers who enjoy lying in the grass during lunch break as much as me
Break. Lunch break.
  • crazy, unexpected, fun weekends
And so begins my journey home...
  • beautiful weather on a crappy day
#Perth as seen from Claisebrook station.
  • my annual leave in five weeks (if I make it)
  • random walks around the neighbourhood
  • friends I didn't even know I had
  • a nice cup of tea
Green tea. Need to stay awake. I'm chanting as we speak...
  • Soup Mondays at work
Soup day at work.
  • those tiny glimpses of light in the darkest hour.
Rainy Perth

I'm not thrilled about:
  • a pile of crap on a beautiful day
  • self-involved people who make it even crappier
  • when shit start snowballing in front of your eyes and you can only watch in shock
  • no heating at the office on a cold day
No heating at work? Kein Problem!
  • plans, ideas and opinions being pushed aside while being overrun by the snowball of shit
  • short days and long nights (although I'm a night owl)
After the winter solstice... #winter #perth @ela_naomi
  • never-ending piles of dirty dishes
  • this mess in my head.


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