Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coastal weekend

Being that I'm taking off really soon and that I haven't managed to hang out with some people properly, my friends Z and P invited me to go to Life Celebration Festival with them and their one-year-old son P.

The festival's being held at Fort Punta Christo, an awesome abandoned fort outside of Pula, Croatia, which has been used for all sorts of parties, festivals, camping sites and so on. It's a really nice and interesting place located on the top of a peninsula, surrounded by rocky beaches, pine forests and lonesome lighthouses.

We were camping and chilling most of the time (especially because of little P), so we'd only drop by the floors that played music from time to time. It was rather hot during the day, so we'd go down to the beach, swim a bit to cool down, and simply chilled in the shade.

Another friend, G, took a crazy ride from down south (it took him about twelve hours by boat, several buses and a car), but he made it in the end, at least for a night of partying.

On the way back we stopped at a place famous for its sea food and had a yummy lunch at the bottom of an old staircase. Here's a photo from around there. And being that this really sounds like a dear-diary post, I'll just leave.


Love you, guys!

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