Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In and out.

More times in than out, but I hear that's the way it goes.

It took me a while to relax the eye ball enough for it to accept the alien thing I was forcing in it. But I guess each eye follows its own path, so I had to find my own. It'll probably take some more time till I master it, but all in all I'm satisfied.

I can't describe how nice it feels to be lying down, with my face pressed against the pillow, and have no glasses squash my face and ruin it all for me.

That's it! They're out now and I'm off to dream land.

With no contacts. Don't worry...

Friday, June 8, 2012


(Or: How Mladen started became aware of muscles he never knew were there...)

Being that I've been warned (on several occasions) about writing too much about things (some called it fashion, which makes it even worse), I'll write about non-things today.

Well, sort of. We're all things after all.

So, I went online and checked some videos about "home back workout". I'm this Quasimodo type and I've been telling myself (almost as much as other did - and do) I really need to work out a bit. There's really nothing tangible to hold my spine.

Not to mention my sitting customs - or people's reactions when they look at me - sitting on my back more than actually sitting on my butt. It's weird, but it's comfortable. And if it's comfortable, it definitely can't be good. Right?

So I click this video and there's an American guy (doh!) who's doing some exercises in his room. It's messier than mine, so that makes me grin. Nevertheless, the grin rapidly dissolves when I see a) his figure - fit but not all muscles, 4) the exercises he does - I managed to catch his every fourth or fifth move, and m) the amount of energy it's going to take to do all of that.

I did a set yesterday (well, sets of five instead of fifteen, but I'm taking small steps) and I feel it all around. Even my buttocks hurt! And no, it's not funny.

This guy wraps cinder blocks in T-shirts and waves them around like packs of handkerchiefs. The only thing I could find was a five-litre wine bottle, which I used as my pick-up-and-try-to-move-around thing.

True story.

If someone who works out for real saw me, I'd probably end up smacked on the head.

I did another set today, which was even harder from all the muscle pain (or, as we call it in Croatia - using a wonderful German word - muskulfieber), but I managed to do some in the end. The last one is always the hardcorest and it totally killed me. Not even being allowed to lean back helped!

Sitting on my chair (yes, on - I was in too much pain to sit in it), my hands were trembling and I was feeling weak like hell. Through gritted teeth I could only let out some CO molecules before I chucked down a banana and some cookies for energy.

Yeah, energy.

It'll surely do me good - well, if I keep it up, at least. But I really need to. I should take some photos from before and after (in two years or so), when I'm all fit and straight-backed and lean and slender and God knows what.

And tanned, of course. More like barbecued, but yeah. You get the picture.

Or hopefully not.

(This is what happens when you start writing at two in the night.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shopping. Again.

My sister took me shopping. Yes, again.

What am I to do when I don't have a car? And especially when I'm not the one who can decide easily.

So I got a pair of shades (at last) after checking around forty pairs in four different shops, driving my friend, my sister and the saleswoman mad, and finally deciding for a pair of unknown Austrian HIS glasses. And they're green. :widegrin:

I also got some shirts (turning dweeby over here) and a pair of shoes for quite cheap. Now I need to get it all sorted and I'm ready for a round.

Around my squalor...

I                            and              the shoes.

Friday, June 1, 2012


So I tried out my first pair of contacts ever today.

Being that hospitals trip me out big time, I was roaming around the hallway (and probably subconsciously avoiding the doctor's office) while the nurse called out my name for twenty times. By the time I got to the office, she could read "that's me" all over my face.

After spending a couple of minutes wondering how I can wait at the end of the hallway and me trying to find a valid reason for not being called out on the intercom once, we got on with the examination.

Luckily, my sight hasn't gotten any worse, so I'll be getting soft contacts, which are quite easy to use. I tried my first test pair and I have to say it seems OK. It's a bit itchy around the edges, but I tend to compare it to seeing one's frames when starting to wear new glasses.

The nurse probably figured I was totally spaced out by the fact of being in a hospital at all, so she gave me a complementary bottle of liquid - to keep me on the right track or something. I felt like being five again and getting a lollipop after a butt shot.

The tutoring after that didn't make my day any peachier. Nor did the rain as I was going away from there.

So I treated myself to shoes. Oh damn, there's that influence of mostly female reading population! All in all, it was the last pair and they were discounted, so I'd say I got a bargain.

It's shoes number two in the post before this one. The ankle ones, I'd say, although they're not really that deep.

You know you guys'll be getting a photo of the contacts as well? Mwahaha!

Now I'm finally home, I'll watch something made by BBC, hopefully doze off for a bit and then go to Slovenia for a party. And tomorrow's my good-bye and birthday party.

I sense a wicked weekend.


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