Saturday, July 28, 2012

Qatar Airways

When I started planning the journey to Australia, I checked all the possible airlines that flew in this direction. It was, of course, important that there were reasonable and available flights from Zagreb too, which didn't prove the easiest task in the end.

Lufthansa was way too expensive, so the price jumped from around 1200 euro to 2850 by the time I checked the flight again. Qatar offered the best option in the end, especially since they introduced new flights to Kigali in Rwanda, and Perth and Zagreb. Awesome news for me.

The flight was really good, especially the first leg. My whole family came to the airport which was a bit hard to handle, but I was off before I thought of it. The Qatar staff was excellent both on the ground and in the air, proving to be a really helpful bunch. Since they're a quite young company, I'm sure they put a lot more effort into helping their customers and they really proved it - at least to me.

The crew on the first leg to Doha was awesome, always helpful and smiling, but never in a forced way. It was a miracle that the only empty space was between me and Martin, a guy who is originally from Australia, but was on his way to Abu Dhabi, his home for the past few years. We talked about Croatia, Perth and G.G. Marquez, and about how it was really weird that the captain didn't make an announcement whatsoever.

Somewhere over Iraq
Somewhere over Iraq (a bit blurry, but still cool)

The layover in Doha was also sweet and short, even though I was a bit shocked by the 35 degrees that hit us as we were switching planes. I managed to catch a tad of WiFi, but then it was already time to board the plane and that was it.

On the 777 I was sitting next to Gemma and Rachel, who were both coming back from their trip around Europe. When they heard I was from Croatia, there were a couple of fucks heard, and we should've gone there, too... Funny.

Inside the 777 toilet
Dork on a plane
I didn't sleep on the first leg since I wanted to avoid serious jet lag, so I dozed off during the eleven-hour flight to Perth. It was really smooth though, with only a bit of turbulence just before we landed in Perth. I gotta say it was a really weird feeling flying over thousands kilometres of the Indian Ocean beneath, but being able to see the clouds only made the experience a bit more relaxed (and not as exciting).

At Perth Airport

I landed in Perth, went through the check in (and the dog sniffing) and I was out. The lady at the check literally said so. To my surprise, A. was there (even though she said she can't make it) waiting for me with a box of chocolate koalas. So damn sweet.

So I called H., she located me (because there were tons of people around and I just couldn't see anyone in particular) and we were off. Luckily, I got used to driving on the left when I was in India, so it wasn't too big of a shock. We got to her place, had a glass of really good Australian wine, talked a bit and called it a night...

View from my balcony at H's
The view from my balcony

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