Sunday, April 28, 2013


Some things change, and some stay the same.

I'm still tired. I sleep, I eat, I take my vitamins - and I'm still tired.

People change. The forget about you. They find new friends. They take the easy way out.
People don't change.

Assholes keep kicking people to the side of the road.
Those on the side of the road struggle even more.

The quiet ones lose their chance because there's a screeching vulture circling above.
And even though they're horrible, ugly birds, there's  still a fricken ornithologist who will say they're majestic.

I know, it makes no sense.

And it definitely doesn't make it right.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Field season

The field season is on. See you, well... the next time I see you...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday snapshots

The fridge is filled up all right
My first batch of home-made hummus
#homemade #hummus
And it's done!
Fresh #chives, mmm...
Chopping up chives
Summery #salad: cottage cheese, sour cream, garlic, cucumber, salt, pepper, chives and a pinch of red paprika. Refreshing and yummy!
My summery salad: cottage cheese, sour cream, garlic, cucumber, salt, pepper, chives, a pinch of red paprika - refreshing and tasty!
More yummy alcoholic presies - gotta love it!
The #mess after...
Enough wine?
Re-growing spring onion after I chopped up the green parts into the salad

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

Find of the month

I just wish we'd all repeat this in our minds a bit more often...

That cockamamie feeling inside

Sometimes I hate myself for the feelings I'm experiencing.

Jealously is definitely the first one on the list. It annoys the hell out of me.

It comes from the back, stabs you between the shoulderblades, bangs the dagger with its clenched fists until it comes out through your chest with your spine, heart, lung and pride dripping from its blade.

Such a useless emotion, and yet it wrecks my inner peace (or however little of it I have) and makes me restless.

It's based on surreal inner monologues and scenes that only a disturbed mind can come up with. Don't get me wrong - it might all be true. But, so what?!

It's not going to change anything, and it's definitely not going to make anyone feel better.

It makes me think how I want to be a better person and not dislike more people.
It makes me want to be nicer to people, especially the ones that annoy the hell out of me.
It makes me try to do the best I can, even when I don't feel like I can actually do it.

These are all ideas, but I guess one has to make something positive out of the negative.

It still just pisses me off. Turn it off!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Australia's South West - Teaser

Here's a couple of photos from my Easter break trip down south...

I'll try to do some writing up later on, preferably once I finish Myanmar off.
:checks his watch and the calendar and rolls eyes:

The Ngilgi Cave near Dunsbourough, WA

The Ngilgi Cave near Dunsbourough, WA

A gumtree forest on the side of the road. Because the South West is a bit cooler, the vegetation is much more abundant than around Perth. Reminded me a bit of the Mediterranean...

The whale-watching stop on the Cape Naturaliste track. We saw none because it's not their migratory season, but we saw (and heard) sea lions chilling out in the shallow near the rocks.

The beach along the Capr To Cape Track from Dunsborough to Yallingup. The rock in the far left is called Sugarloaf Rock, as it resembles a lump of sugar.

The beach along the Cape To Cape Track from Dunsborough to Yallingup. The rock in the far left is called Sugarloaf Rock, as it resembles a lump of sugar - or, as Anna defined it, a rock in the middle of the ocean...

Almost at the Sugarloaf Rock.


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