Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Plans for the other continent

So, I'm flying on Wednesday, I'm landing on Thursday, I'm having welcome drinks in the office on Friday and a lunch scheduled for Sunday. The Belgian beer place. Somehow I'm not sure that's its real name.

Then on Monday or Tuesday I'm supposed to go out into the field and spend the full week there. I don't know when I'll deal with all the stuff that needs dealing with, but it will definitely be interesting.

It somehow makes me relieved that I'll start working straight away, so I probably won't have time to ponder upon and dissect every single thing running through my head. And I reckon there'll be many.

Getting my tax number, fixing up my driver's license, applying for a residence address, checking in with my health insurance provider, looking for an apartment, actually getting an apartment - that's only some of the things I'll need to sort out.

I made a list to make it a bit easier, since I'll have to go around a city I've never been to, look for streets and buildings and offices and clerks and papers and stamps and blank signature lines.

Perth Central Business District from above the Aboriginal Art Gallery, Kings Park


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