Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On a lighter note...

...enjoying the festival season in the Southern Hemisphere.

That's coming, too...

Mondays off...

Kao da Anđa živi prekoputa...

Underwater love.

Christmas treats, yummy!

Sreća najveća!

Movies and life

Do you remember watching all those movies when you were younger and thinking to yourself there's no way he got that much mail?

The mail
Today's mail

Well, if you don't – I do. And it used to annoy the hell out of me. 
Just like all those horror movies, where someone would simply cut the power, slide the window and massacre the whole family.

Well, that mistery's been solved, too.

You see, electrical and water switches are accessed from the outside here. You'll see switches in the front yard or just outside the front door.

The windows screech and slide, and the isolation is not that good. The glass is thin, the air whooshes when it's windy (and it's always windy)...

So, cut the power, get inside and go nuts.

Sweet dreams!


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