Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indigenous Australian flags

Naturally, Indigenous Australian have their own flags, which (again, naturally) differ from the Australian one.

1. The Australian Aboriginal flag was first created in 1971, but has grown in use and is now accepted and recognized as a symbol of the unity, identity and community of Aboriginal people.

The Australian Aboriginal flag
(photo found in an image search)
The flag's colours represent certain aspects of the Indigenous way of life:
  • black represents the Aboriginal people of Australia 
  • yellow the Sun, the life giver and protector and 
  • red the earth and the red ochre used in numerous rituals and ceremonies related to the spiritual relation to the earth. 
No permission is required to wave it, so feel free to do so (hehe)...

2. The Torres Strait Islander Flag was designed as a symbol of the identity and unity for the Torres Strait Islanders and adopted in 1992.

The colours on it represent:

  • green - the land 
  • black - the Indigenous peoples 
  • blue - the sea 
  • white - peace.
The white dhari, their traditional headdress, represents the Torres Strait Islanders and the five-pointed star the five island groups within the Torres Strait. The star also symbolizes the importance of stars (especially the Pleiades) to seafarers and in naval (as well as mainland) orientation and navigation.

The Torres Strait Islander Flag
(photo found in an image search)

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