Monday, June 17, 2013

Old posts

Ran into some old posts of mine and read them.


Three days in the kitchen

Okay, this weekend was both lazy and busy. Lazy because I spent three days at home, lying on my couch in the dark, and going through unwatched movies from my hard drive.

Busy because I had people over on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so there was a lot of cooking, preparing and cleaning up involved. Nevertheless, it was nice and fun, even though I felt a bit tired and, for lack of a better word, bland. I don't know if it's the cold weather or the busy times at work or something else, but it was nice to have people over.

I hope they had a good time and that they didn't get food poisoning... ^^

Ay, caramba!
Burrito ingredients ready! It has been brought to my attention that burrito necessarily contains meat, so I should maybe make a note that this was a vegetarian burrito. One of those endless conundrums, I guess, like cheese burek (for everyone who's familiar with it)...

La gran sabroso burrito de anoche. ¡Vamos!
After three of these, I was up for a snack...

Stuffed capsicum in tomato sauce with baked potatoes.
No, this is not a human heart. It's capsicum stuffed with potato and rice, in a tomato sauce.

Puff pastry with berries and cherries.
Puff pastry with berries and cherries. Simple and yum!

After three days in the kitchen - tadaaam!
This is the worst part of the whole thing. Had to do the dishes what felt like a hundred times. Brrr! It's still better than ironing though.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A day off

I took a day off today.

It's been a while since I've done it, and my body and mind were both telling me it was about time to do it again.

I'm not one of those people who'll ditch everything they're doing just because they need a break. That hits people pretty hard, especially when the busy times are up, but sometimes you just have to go through it.

Being raised up in a somewhat controlled environment by super strict parents and living with an older brother and an older sister, I had to find my ways in doing things and sorting my stuff out. Living in a full house meant the bathroom's not free when you need it, it's not quite when you have tasks to finish etc.

Perhaps thanks to that, I'm one of those responsible people. At least I like to think so. At least I'm trying to be aware of my surroundings, especially since I work with a lot of people on a daily basis, so it's not only me.

This makes me take time off rarely, or when I really need to. And as I'm going to be flying out on three trips in four weeks, I reckoned it would be wise to take a day off sooner rather than later. I sorted everything at the office (or as much as I was able to) and chilled out all day.

I slept for must've been 14 hours, so I didn't have a big portion of the day left, but that being said, I guess I must've been very close to burning out. Especially since we drive a lot and there's a lot of responsibility on our back, it's important to be sane and rested.

Tomorrow will be hectic, as I have tons to do around the office, but at least I'll get in there with a somewhat clear mind, after having gotten some proper sleep and having eaten a cream pumpkin soup.

I still have to make the soup, so excuse me...

Edit: added the dinner photo.

Carrot zucchini soup and garlic bread, mmm... 

Monday, June 3, 2013

A busy weekend

Compared to me usually being quite lazy on weekends, this one was super busy.

Went to a concert on Friday, got shitfaced and hungover, went out for a burger on Saturday, chilled out, cooked lunch and then went to a housewarming party on Sunday, went out for lunch with A today, as it's Westralia day and we didn't go to work...

Not that I didn't do any work today, but I didn't go to the office.

Plus I kind of like and cherish the peace and quite of my home, so I'll enjoy it a bit longer before I go to bed...

Fancy new platform

#nofilter Palm

Some long weekend cooking...

Soup, a veggie burger and chips.

Autumn in Perth...

Arancini at Benny's


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