Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dinner at Sandra's

Sandra's one of my only friends in the neighbourhood.

I've never really liked it nor the people, probably because of being picked at a lot during my childhood. And when you're surrounded with a bunch of morons living in picket fences, it's not unnatural to keep being picked at even after your childhood. All in all, I don't really like the hood, I don't like the people, I don't like the mentality and I'm pretty much looking forward to leaving this place and coming back as a visitor only.

My best friend Ante moved abroad more than a year ago, so I've basically been stuck here on my own, especially on the not so rare occasions Sandra would spend her time working, away, with her boyfriend or whatever else. No wonder I've chosen the path of lonesome book reading, documentary watching and night jogging (which I'm too lazy for nowadays).

So, Sandra's my only friend in the neighbourhood.

Don't get me wrong. There's some people I hang out with, have coffee on the weekend or take late night walks with, but I've knows Sandra for years and Ante since we were four or so. There's not much one can do in order to make up for that. And now since I'm moving to Australia, I would like to use as much time as I can with my friends and I'm guessing Sandra had the same feeling, so she invited me for dinner.

Her sister is an awesome cook, so they'll try Jamie Oliver's spinach-cheese pie together. They also added a zucchini soup and lettuce, chicory and rucola salad. I, being that I caught a cold, started off with a mint-thyme tea and a home-made walnut schnapps. I have to admit it was a really nice mixture of flavours, pleasantly spicy (rosemary, pine and muscat nuts, chilli etc.) and surprising at times.

Being that it's my birthday on Friday - and there was another friend whose birthday is on the same day the girls made some muffins as well and put a candle on it. Sweet, my first birthday cake.

I have to say I had a lot of fun! The back of my head started hurting from all the laughing, we were listening to the radio station that kept popping up hits we joked around at and I can only hope I'll spend many more evening like this one.


Three kinds of muffins (also for the doggy bag)

Don't mind the number - it's the only one they could find



  1. Eto, postao si pravi bloger sa popratnim fotografijama :D.

    Meni se čini da smo svi ovnovi na ovom blogu.

    1. Da da, bit će sve više i više fotki. Zezaju me što stalno fotkam, ali šta me briga! Btw., moram osposobiti fotić, jer ovo nije neka kvaliteta...

      A i kod mene u obitelji smo se skoro svi nagruvali u tri tjedna od kraja ožujka do sredine travnja. To je valjda neko ljetno vrijeme ljubavi, hahaha!

    2. Aaa, i kod mene, mama, tata, ja, prvi rođaci (blizanci, stariji od mene samo 17 dana) :D. Ima nešto u proljeću :D.

  2. čovječe, stvarno sve ovnovi. svima vam je sad rođendan :)))))
    ako sutra zaboravim, sretan rođendan!

  3. Sretan rođendan! Neka ti ova godina bude puna putovanja, novih prijatelja i najviše muffina xD

  4. Još jedan ovan, još muško! Sretan rođendan, neka ti svaki naredni bude bolji od drugog. I slike hrane, oh, oh...eyegasm

    1. Hvala ti! A da, bit će fotki...



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