Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Coast

Well, guys, I'm off to the Adriatic!

Since everyone's gotten super paranoid about me leaving, some off my friends too some time off work and they're taking me to the coast. (In fact, they had to take the time off to use the vacation days and I'm tagging along, but let's stick to the first story...)

I shouldn't be back until the end of next week, but I might write up some post drafts and publish them once I'm back to civilization.


Photo of the house we're staying in (from last summer)


  1. kuća djeluje spooky. čuvaj se naizgled pristojnih starica, samaca koji žive s majkom koju nitko već dugo nije vidio i djece čudnih očiju. odmori se!

    1. Ma, super je kućica: stara, kamena i, onako, taman!



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