Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Devil is in the Detail

OK, so I filled in all the data considering how my grandmother felt after the child birth, which municipality, town, city, state and country my father was born in and the exact date of my sister's citizenship being switched from, well, Croatian to Croatian.

I really hope they are aware of the situation that's been going on here or it'll look like my whole family's fled a genocide scene and requested in asylum. Well, once they see it's Croatia, they won't be impressed, so I won't worry.

I've spent four days straight filling in all the applications and I'm still not done yet. There's about eighty pages of forms to fill in - and that's only back-up documents like character info and alike.

Even after filling it all in, I still had to email my legal officer Kate* down under to help me out with details and info on fifty or so questions. It's either the phrasing or the note or something else that makes one feel like he's never seen a sentence in English before. Even Kate says it's all way overboard on the legal phrasing and totally inappropriate for a daily user.

The good thing is that the weekend's started, so I won't think about it. Not. I'll prolly dissect every part of the application, double check all the scans and make three copies of the must-do list in order to finally welcome Monday.

Sweet miseries. I might have to tattoo that on to something.


  1. Nije baš potpuni opis tvoje situacije, ali me podsjeti na ovaj dio o birokratima :)



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