Sunday, May 13, 2012


I don't know what's getting over me, but I keep running into heaps of proverbs and wise ones, as I call them.

The reason may be the fact that I have been going through the Draft folder on my Gmail account and, not weirdly at all, found some of these among 283 messages waiting to have some sense made out of them.

All the thinking about and pondering upon life and future and stuff is resulting in some reminders popping up and smacking me on the cheek. It's probably stuff that indeed needs pondering upon, but it's not something I'd put on top of my weekend what-to-do list.

I have had a really hectic couple of days, working on getting the last bits of paperwork (bits meaning 25 or so papers translated, certified, printed, signed, scanned, emailed aso.), preparing for the IELTS and taking it, all with an inflamed nerve that kept flashing from the middle of my back up into my brain stem. Lovely, no?

Yeeeah, no.

There were additional things: preparing for a friend-meeting trip around Austria, Slovenia and around, planning a good-bye party (which, luckily, my friends have the most to do with), almost going to a party on the mountain above my city and much more stuff. Not to mention the dishes, laundry, cleaning up, getting everything ready.

If that wasn't enough, I didn't get almost any sleep at all, and even when I managed to fall asleep for 15 minutes, I'd dream someone haunting me or running away from someone. Three days in a row and your brain starts to forget what it feels like to be normal.

On the train to Austria I ran into every possible school excursion out there. It was just mind boggling to comprehend why the hell this was happening to me. People yelling, compartments filled with pimpled adolescents, mobiles being used for a detailed what-he-told-said-and-what-I-told-him-next two-hour reports next to my seat...

And then I run into this:

Here's one for you, and yeah, it's a bum-me-out one

And I'm thinking wooot?!


  1. mene je umorilo samo zamišljanje da sve to moram. što se tiče ovog susreta s hrpom klinčadije, welcome to my world! :D
    a ova misao je misao stoljeća.

    1. A da, mind boggler. A nemaš ni olovke ni papira...



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