Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I do *not* look good in sunlight

I'm awake.

Of course. Mum's neighbour friend sits on the door bell with the crack of dawn. I can't blame her 'cause she's always so nice, but do not ring my bell before eight!

So I go back to bed and I can't really sleep, but I'll doze off a bit more since my neck is stiff and I press it and squeeze it to prevent the nerve inflammation I'm so wonderfully prone to, but my hand is tired and it's too painful and I just give up and roll over, trying to find a position which is the least disturbing.

I manage to doze of, only to get awaken by a Skype call. I'm on Away, but that's OK. It's my officer from Perth. I sit up in my bed and can't even come to my senses, so I contact her to call me again.

After a total of two minutes, the electricity goes out and the call is terminated. So third world.

I slip on a pair of trousers and a shirt and run to my friend's house. Being that he lives in Austria and that no one seems to be at home, I subtly stand in his front yard, leeching off his WiFi and trying to explain to my co-worker-to-be two continents away why there's cars and buses passing me by.

Mental note: do not stand in the sunlight with a camera showing how you look close up in the morning.

And the day has only just begun...


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    1. Ma, na kraju je više smiješno nego žalosno. Sva sreća...



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