Friday, May 25, 2012

Take off

It's another special day. As always, I'm looking forward to another take off. I still think the feeling of being lifted off the ground whilst taking off is exhilarating. Once more, I'm eagerly awaiting it.

What's weird is that I don't know what type of a plane it is. I usually know this stuff. Too well, in fact.

I don't seem to mind it as we roll toward the runway, but I have this gut feeling nevertheless. I've learned to follow it.

There's no announcements by neither the hostesses nor the pilot. I just find it weird. No one on the plane is making a sound, which is also super weird, especially since people usually hen off as soon as they grab a seat and exponentially raise their voice as the engine noise gets louder and louder.

I look out the window and realize we're actually taking off from a school parking. I don't seem to figure out how we're gonna take off, but I don't seem to mind.

As we start accelerating in order to take off, everyone's excited and looking out the window. I'm keeping my eyes on the tree line, which is alarmingly close.

'He knows what he's doing', I think to myself, and I lean back and enjoy.

We're ascending, but not as much as we should. The plane tips over and the left wing gets pinned in the tree tops.

We flip around and I know we're crashing.

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