Thursday, August 23, 2012

New, new, news


I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to write anything, and let alone post it. Now I had dinner, did all the chores and I’ve got some time before I faint and hit the pillow. I’ll hopefully remember my face hitting the pillow.

Now there’s something wrong with Word and it’s not helping my mood. I’m super busy at work, there’s more and more paperwork cluttering up my desk, but there’s an upside to it. I have a new office.

The company got the other part of the building, so we’re all over the building now. The whole building. It’s an old red-brick school overlooking the park, with high ceilings and wooden floors. That might not sound special, but it’s so rare you wouldn’t believe it.

All in all, the new office is at the end of the hallway, there’s only three of us in it so far and it’s much better than the middle-of-the-office desk I had before. Another bonus is the high windows that reveal the sky, the treetops and the rain that’s going to fall as I finish work.

My office window

I moved into my new apartment two days ago. It’s not only furnished, but it has a TV, an amplifier, speakers, vacuum cleaner, iron, AC, kettle, toaster, washing machine and even a coffee machine. The TV does lose reception when the train passes, but it’s just something to remind me of reality.

No, seriously, the place is awesome, it’s right by the train station (it takes a four-minute morning no-coffee walk) and it takes me about seven minutes to get to work. I’m planning to get a bicycle, but it’ll have to wait until I have a bit more time to research.

Perth to home

I won’t be spending much time in the apartment though, since I’m going out into the field. I’m leaving on Monday and I’ll only be away for four days, but I’m going to a very special place, reserved for men only, due to its ritual significance. I already met some of the Traditional Owners I’ll be working with, and I’m still working on brushing up on my Aboriginal phrases.

After that I’ll have the weekend off and then I’m off again, even further and for even longer. I’ll be away for ten or so days, which will probably knock any memory of a comfortable bed out of my head.

Preparing for the field

With that thought, I bid you g’ nigh’…


  1. Replies
    1. Ae... Pozdrav s posla, uz jutarnju kavicu... ;)

  2. Zabavno je tebi tamo :) Vidiš da nije tak strašno kao što si mislio :)

    1. Malo zabavno, malo scary, hehe... Sve je okay zasad, stvarno... ;)

  3. First time me sees blog in ages! Very cool!

  4. Long time no be here! Nice blogging.,

    1. Hehe, happy to have you back, along with the seven versions of your own blog that you so rarely update (or even remember the username for, LOL)...

  5. Well I'm hoping to change all that. Planning to perhaps use this Wordpress blog as a family travel blog. You know me and my big fail Internet dreams. Lol

    1. I'll keep bugging you if that's what it takes, mwahaha!



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