Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When the Three Planets are in Eclipse

I have no idea what's been happening to the stars lately, but they've started aligning alright...

I got a flat. In fact, I got the flat.

The first one I checked was such a fiasco I won't even bother to comment. The next one I applied for seemed very cosy, homey and kind of right. I went and checked it out (because you have to see it in person out here) and I liked it.

There were didgeridoos and surfboards around, small things that make it feel great, a red brick wall in the living room, two bedrooms with a big bed in each; it's on the first floor in a small complex of only about eight apartments, a four-minute walk away from the train stop, a seven minute train ride into the city, and a couple of pedals away from a bicycle lane that leads all the way to my office...

It's just sweet.

A photo from the real estate site

P.S. Apologies to those who're waiting for photos, but I've just been ran over by time and errands and trips and tasks and payments and rides and food containers and little creatures...


  1. Divan je, stvarno, i to na zidovima je super i cigle, joj, cigle :D.

  2. Zgodan je stančić, jako mi se sviđa cigla na zidu, meni to odmah da neki cozy izgled stanu/kući :)

  3. Jao, i meni je totalno fora.

    Pogotovo zato što im zidovi znaju biti tanašni, a na podu je ili neki tepison ili pločice. Naravno, stanovi s drvenim podovima koštaju duplo više, ali cigle su nekako worth it, hihihi...



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