Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ministry is back On Air

Our beloved and widely-listened radio show is back on! Around a year has passed since the radio station has pressed the pause button on it due to some difficulties, but it's hopefully all settled now. A bonus to it is the fact that the show has gotten a much more acceptable timing, so now it's airing Sundays evening from 23 to 01 (with a rerun timing yet to be set - but should be later during the night).

Some of the listeners from around the globe (like Anna down in Oz) won't be happy with it, since they'll have to get up a bit earlier to listen to it (hahaha), but it's much nicer and easier for the guys. So, Val, Branko and Ratko, with some occasional guests, will be psychedelying us all up again on the radio waves. Feel free to click the logo below and tune in to The Pretending-To-Be Show about the Trance Culture powered by The Ministry of Psychedelia (site only in Croatian for now) on Radio 101!
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