Friday, October 22, 2010

three heel kicks.

i've trained my brain not to think about travelling, since it'd only bring me sorrow, pain, memories and anguish. but maybe if i start building up some plans in my head, there could possibly be a positive thought towards the whole thing, so i could take a shot and try to go away from here further than ten kilometres. you can already notice the positiveness, no? :b

so, i'm supposed to go to kranj, slovenia for a party in about two weeks and then to ljubljana, slovenia at the beginning of december for the long awaited
niyaz concert. if you have any likings for some traditional, vocal, ethnic and eastern sound - you'll love this!

and then... i'm hopefully gonna manage to go visit my mate ante who's moved to klagenfurt, austria. and yes, we do say kleygh'nfart instead, no worries - not too much though, or he'd blab it out at work one day... :b

and then... oz. anna's wedding, stars falling from the sky, the world spinning in the opposite direction... it's still to soon to say anything, but it's also too soon not to start planning it already. i won't go on rambling about the whole professional and financial situation at all, so i'll just leave it at that.

then, depending on the money (of which i have none, but will have to get a loan from the bank for the next twenty years in order to go to australia), i'd like to head off to helsinki, finland to visit nixa and tiitus, who've moved there for a year or so, which would be a perfect opportunity to stay in suomi longer than seven minutes (like the last time).

and after that, who knows. it's just too far away... bulgaria, romania, france, australia, india, japan...?


  1. yes, come to my wedding biatch!

  2. yes, looking for sponsors, everyone, bwahahaha... :b



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