Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Je suis fatigué.

All this stuff seems to be draining me.

The move, the organising, the boxing up. No one's replying e-mails, phone lines are busy, the queues are so long.

In the morning I have to have a giant mug of coffee to function, then after lunch (because all the bloods avoids my brain, and then I have to have another one to wrap up the day's work or I start speaking nonsense.

At the same time, I'm looking for the week off, and fearing the twenty of them that will follow it...

Luckily, my friends are helping me out, which makes it easier. I get to hang around more and more.

Last weekend I went to a bush doof – an open air party in the Australian bush. It was busy, hot and interesting, but most of all fun. Even though I was there with a bunch of people I've never met before, the atmosphere was positive, I got to lie around in my hammock, and I got a thank you note from the guys who organised it. Ain't that sweet?

Anyway, planning the Myanmar trip, trying to sort out the visa (which gets a bit more complicated as I have to mail it to Canberra, even thought I'm flying there on Sunday), checking out sights, organising the carpet cleaning, apartment viewings, friends' cats being taken care of, sorting out address changes, grocery shopping, systematic packing, staying sane...

The Chill Out Stage we all helped create...
Chill Floor
The Festival Foot
I even got my feet dirty...


  1. uživala u blogu...uprkos frci u kojoj si (lako je meni, je l dauživam u tvojoj frci ;)). Obožavam žurke/sedeljke gde gotovo nikog ne poznajem...uvek se najbolje provedem i upoznam gomile zanimljivih ljudi :)
    Srećna ti selidba...da se udobno smestiš :)

    1. Ma, što je najgore, tu su svi tako prijateljski nastrojeni da je to strašno. Ujutro ekipa ide s bocama vode, nasjeckanim lubenicama i slično, klinci se valjaju u blatu, sunce prži, svi paze jedni na druge... HippyMilina!

  2. Kakva hipijevština, divno :).

    1. Šta nije?! Kad narastem, bit ću hippy! :D

  3. Totalno si ufitao...:) Nice. :) (Anita)



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