Monday, October 3, 2011

Skype unveiled

My mum skyped today! I can't describe how proud I am. Well, proud might be an overstatement, but I'm surely thrilled about it.

She's got a brother in Switzerland and whenever there's something to talk about, it always involves later hours, shorter phone calls and whatever it is that makes the information flow as economical as possible.

I was telling her about Skype and the possibility (and the advantage) of talking to her brother for free, but I'm not really sure if she got the grip at all. For her it's all internet

My uncle, on the other hand, is a fifty-something guy who recently started learning English, spends his vacation in New York, Madrid or Paris and is always open to new things. One's gotta appreciate as well as admire a person like that, who's always motivating, outgoing and totally up to anything.

That's why I was eager to get them to skype together, so he called me and I just planted my iPod in front of my mother.

My uncle has skyped lately, in order to catch up with all the family around the world, but mum was still a bit confused with her brother's image on this little device. I think she didn't really know what to do (I was expecting her to grab the iPod and use it as a phone), especially when she saw herself in the corner of the screen, waving to him and her at the same time.

So, my uncle's talking to mum and dad is peeking over her shoulder to see what's going on. He has been spotted by my uncle, who's saying hi to him, so he says it back, but they start talking again at the same time, so my mum hushes him but he's still talking, so they're all talking at the same time and I'm standing on the side, wishing I had an iPhone or something to take a photo.

Future, feel free to drop by anytime...

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  1. if it gets you in mom's good books then go for it i say!!!!
    - anna



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