Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the summer's already here - big time!

so, i thought it might be a good moment to add something to this so-called blog, since i've got some extra time (as well as tons of dust) on my hands at the moment...

to start off, i passed a hard-core exam yesterday, so i'm feeling quite relaxed now, since it's been bothering me for almost a month now. i'm finally done with the theory, practice and problematics of textile, clothing and such. although the exam in itself isn't that bad - it leaves a lot of space for discussion and extra research - it tends to become a pain in the butt, so i'm really glad it's over.

especially for the fact that i was supposed to be done with all this at the beginning of july, but with how everything tends to prolong itself abnormally, this took ages as well. another thing is that i'm moving , although not far - just a floor below. it'll be my own little squalor: a single room with a small kitchen - turkish coffee ftw. - as the matter of fact, i could have one now... ;D

anyway, since today was the first day i'm actually study free, i've started doing a bit of cleaning, throwing stuff away, reading small pieces of paper and remembering the stories behind them... it reminded me of all the small things i keep forgetting in this fast-forward world. i've been hanging a lot around the university library lately, but i've still managed to separate some time in the evening to spend with my mates. there were some really great events taking place which i definitely wasn't gonna miss and i think it's partially what kept me sane, or i'd just flip out reading and studying all the time.

at the same time i have a feeling i'll be missing all this one day, when i get a 50-hour-week with 16 days off per year, but at the moment i just feel like it's too much already and i'm fed up with it. what pisses me off is that even with a brilliant master plan i can't seem to be able to make things work - something always gets in the way. so i reckon that as soon as i accept the fact that it comes in a package, the sooner i can keep on going - and there's always mr. murphy to hate... :P

so, i reckon i'll be moving sometime within the next to weeks and i can only hope that i'll have time to organize it all a bit before i take off. i'll be going to a festival here in croatia called 'future nature' and it seems that i'll be going to the same festival that i've been to the last three years after all - ozora in hungary. it's already started feeling like home, so i reckon spending the money there and enjoying a bit with my mates is the same as sitting here at home and grabbing a couple of beers in the evening.

after that it's Transylvania Calling, which i'm really looking forward to. i just sent the contract out the other day, the line up is already done and the timetable is almost finished. i have a feeling that it's a really great festival organized by a bunch of really cool people, so i'm really looking forward to playing a set there, meeting those people, seeing some people again and chilling with my mates...

well, that's about all that i was gonna say - i don't know if there's anything else besides the fact that i'm glad that the summer vacation's finally here, that i'm changing my habitat and that things are changing a bit - hopefully for the good...

have fun and don't spend too much time in the sun! ;D

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