Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm due for a rant.

This is one of those situations where I just can't understand how I'm still alive; how I can still be walking with my brain working – or better said not working – like this; how I manage to mess up something that's supposed to be the best thing of the year.

I just don't get it.

I'm too tired to be angry, so I'll keep it short and rant-y.

Why does it happen that things fall through when you're trying the hardest? Why do I get blinded by excitement and thrill when I just mess it up and go back to not even zero, but minus five?

And listening about trying hard and fighting for what your heart wants seems to be getting old. I work hard, I fight for what I want and what do I do then? I fuck it up.

Yes, smack myself on the forehead. Self-facepalm. A glass of wine.

I don't know.


  1. Svi smo samodestruktivni ponekad.

    1. A valjda jesmo - podsvjesno, jer sam totalno sjebao. Ali eto.

    2. sabotaža.... da si znao bolje, napravio bi bolje. ubuduće ćeš znati, drž se.

  2. A siroče, valjda će biti bolje - never give up, never surrender! :)

    1. Pa oke sad, normalnija sam od kad sam doma :) A inače niš posebno, vrijeme tu kod nas je očaj, stalno sivilo i kiša, samo čekam proljeće jer bi ko medvjed mogla u zimski san 24/7. Pošalji nam malo sunca :)



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