Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The girl from the park.

My apartment's right across a park so sometimes I'll sit on the balcony and look around.

I'm not the active type, you see. I'll park my arse on the camping chair, sip gin and tonic, and observe (although not in a creepy way). There's a lady walking her dog, two girlfriends sweating off with a personal trainer, couples running in circles, kids playing cricket, two mates catching a frisbee, a dad and his son chasing a football.

And there's this girl. She's always around the edge of the park, and I only rarely see her. I should say I barely see her. I hear her.

She swoops from one leg to the other as if unsure of which way to go, clutching onto her music player with both hands. It looks like a CD player more than a mobile phone, which reminds me of me looking at the cassette player in the same way older generations used to gaze at the gramophone with melancholy in their eyes and their heart.

So the girl walks around the park, but she doesn't get far. She sings out loud and she's got a beautiful voice, which makes me think why she has to leave her place to sing. Sing in a park.

I'd hear her in between cars driving past or while doing the dishes. I can't make out what the song is, but it sounds amazing.

Well, it did. I haven't heard her in a long time.


  1. "not in a creepy way" :D Ja volim promatrati ljude kada imam vremena pa npr čekam nešto ili nekog u gradu, uvijek se da vidjeti zanimljivih ličnosti.

    1. Osim kad ljudi posumnjaju pa te gledaju kao da će te izmlatiti. :E

    2. Istina, nekad i mene čudno zagledaju jer sjedim na klupi kad je rush hour, mogu misliti kako tebe onda pogledavaju kad si muško. Sam čekaju da izvadiš katanu il neš :D

    3. Ah, štaš. Čudnije me gledaju dok zalijevam biljke na balkonu dok frajeri igraju kriket u tom istom parku. :P

    4. Meh, zaljevanje biljaka > kriket :D



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